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soul healing sessions

Katrina supports you in this transformative healing process, by holding a pristine energetic container of divine unconditional love which creates a powerful energetic field for deep soul healing and remembrance. Her sessions focus on resolving core wounding such as shame, abandonment, guilt, fear and unworthiness through extracting the original seeding and replacing it with the New-Earth template and timeline of the eternal crystalline heart.


Her sessions empower each being to ignite their experience of freedom, joy and unity in the present now moment, and to access embodied practices and energetic tools to bring about more clarity, connection and awareness in daily life. Katrina holds a sacred field of divine truth, grace and unconditional love, facilitating the remembrance and reconnection with each being's own light within.



1:1 Soul Healing Session

Awakening Divine Soul Essence

3 Session Package Booking

Please select and confirm date and time of your first session. Payment is for all 3 sessions, and I will reach out to you via email to schedule your 2 remaining sessions. 3 month expiry on all 3 session packages.

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