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If you have experienced any of the following, this 90min session may be supportive for you:

  • Self criticism, self hatred, body dysmorphia

  • Shame, guilt, fear, doubt, unworthiness, low self value

  • Sisterhood trauma, jealousy, comparison, wrath

  • Sexual trauma - including physical and astral 

  • Challenging and painful relationships 

  • Deep sensations of oppression, being held against will, molestation or devastation (in present or past lifetimes)

  • Surgery, procedures to reproductive organs 

  • Difficulty speaking your authentic truth

  • Rejection of your divine feminine essence, adopting more mental or masculine ways of functioning

  • Physical depletion or exhaustion, chronic fatigue

  • Low sexual life force (low libido)  

  • Disconnected from your body, or patterns of dissociation when triggered

  • Physical numbness or protective shields 

  • Feeling unsafe in body or fearful of the masculine or sexual experiences

  • Reproductive, menstrual issues- cysts, fibroids, painful or heavy menses, endometriosis, painful labour or complications with child birth

  • Challenging relationships with biological Mother or disconnection from your own children

  • Difficulty accessing intuition and psychic gifts

  • Confusion around life purpose

  • Difficulty manifesting or birthing your creations- you may have ideas, but they rarely manifest

  • Scarcity complex, blockages to abundance and sacred wealth


Sessions available via zoom or in-person (Raglan, NZ)


who is this session for?


As a Divine Feminine being, you are here to remember and embody your divine power, your highest soul expression through your sacred body temple.

A healthy and connected womb supports the embodiment of our unique soul purpose, divine empowerment and authentic personal expression, as well as opening and unlocking access to the infinite realms of original source creation within us! This is a force that has birthed all of universal reality itself.

This well of pure, eternal consciousness is held within our inner sanctum, connecting this stream through our multidimensional and physical sexual organs and womb. This is your divine birthright to awaken your deepest primordial gnosis from stasis and emerge once again into your most authentic feminine expression! 


"I am constantly pulled into the truth of grace, harmony and love when having a session with Katrina. After my womb healing session, I experienced less period pain; less attraction to people, things and places that weren’t good for me. I formed a stronger connection with myself and my entire reproductive area. All in all, I felt more freedom and clarity. The way Katrina has aligned with prime source and delivers what’s required has assisted me greatly with coming out of the depths of fallacies of beliefs, programs, overlays etc and realigning with the Godhead channel of love and perfection"


Lynette, Australia

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