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6 Week Group Container
4 Live Group Calls
1:1 sessions with katrina

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Abstract Blue Light

Week 1

Opening Ceremony First Live Call
Establishing Group Field
Intention Setting
Divine Mother's Cosmovision for an Awakening Humanity


Second Live Call
Birthing New Earth & Higher Trajectories
Mother Code of Original Creation
Genetic Key Codes of Ascension
Original Eve, Mitochondria & Divine
Womb Origins

Week 3 and 5 are integration weeks and for scheduling 1:1 sessions with Katrina

Week 4

Third Live Call
Body Somatics, Trauma, Unlocking
Cellular Intelligence
Ancestral legacies- Fertility, Abundance & Miracle Conception
Holographic Light Language of our DNA
Sacred Sexual Alchemy


Fourth Live Call
Fluid Dynamics of Plasma for Remembrance
Redefining Dark Matter
Reuniting with Divine Mother
Womb Mysteries of Divine Gnosis 
Closing Ceremony  

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