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In this meditation we address our physical and energetic immune function; clearing trauma, density and interference that may be compromising the strength of the auric field and light body. This treatment supports the clearing of unresolved traumas and energetic density which directly influences our thymus function, through the glandular and subtle energy systems, distributing quantum light throughout our vessels.


These affects may express not only physically, but also energetically, affecting the higher soul integration through the thymus high heart gateway. This is the point of connection into our soul layers, as we shift beyond the 3D ego personality, and into our monadic consciousness.


Through trauma, shock and abuse, the thymus centre can be impaired, causing depletion to the body’s immune response, impairing the soul gateway of the high heart. Experiences of abandonment, neglect, disappointment and grief, congest energy flow at the heart centre, impacting the thymus gland’s physical and spiritual function.


We focus upon the body’s immune response and capacity of the thymus to produce T-cells required to regulate and maintain harmony within the body. T-Cells have the innate intelligence to monitor the body’s internal landscape, supporting longevity and homeostasis. The thymus is located in the heart centre, a few inches below the clavicles, adjusting the bio rhythms, hormones and endocrine functions of the body. Gently tapping of your thymus throughout this treatment can support in activating this sacred centre.


Our thymus is also the core connection point between our spiritual and energetic bodies, unlocking our evolution into our higher soul layers. This is the merging of spirit and matter, as one unified field, elevating our being into a higher embodied experience. This expands the parameters of our consciousness, activating the gnosis of our quantum, eternal essence.  


As the planetary and cosmic frequencies continue to surge, rapid transformation is occurring, shifting us into the next harmonic universe, 4D/5D/6D and beyond. This is igniting the soul integration process within each individual on Earth. As we acclimate to the higher frequencies, various symptoms, purging and releases continue to arise, as we integrate the lower bodies. Dedicating ourselves to our ascension path and caring for our bodies is a profound act of self love and service of the divine will.


Specific attunements of this treatment:


- Thymus gland repair, upgrade immune function of protection from pathogens, viruses and interference

- Clearing energetic heart congestion through soul trauma, separation and grief

- Alignment of physical and spiritual immune functions with highest ascension blueprint

- Activation of physical and energetic/auric buffer fields to stabilise light body

- Blood purification and activation of crystalline deposits within blood cells

- Mouth of God (9th chakra) activation through occipital cup at base of skull

- Throat chakra, crystalline voice box calibration

- Crystalline lotus heart (8th chakra) activation to embody Monadic layers


Integration time may be required.


37:09 min


This is an audio mp3 file which is sent directly to your email upon purchase

Thymus / High Heart Immune Activation

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