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In this meditation, we address the female consciousness principle, expressed through our mitochondria and maternal bloodlines of our family lineage.


This meditation is for both males and females.


Our mitochondria are maternally inherited, passed down from our female parentIt is in this manner that feminine consciousness is passed down the lineage to both males and females (sons and daughters). This connects through our matriarchal history all the way back through time as we inherit these genetics soley through our maternal bloodlines.

The Mitochondrial DNA is the direct feminine lineage of humanity.


Through this meditation we address the spiritual energetic functioning of our mitochondria and production of energy within our body’s cells. Through the cellular matrix of our sacred bodies, we clear and repair the impact of mitochondrial damage and impact upon the monadic (higher self) embodiment process.


The Mitochondria are intracellular structures which are the power packs of our cells providing the body’s energy requirements. Mitochondria produce the chemical energy required to power the physiological processes of our cells, generating new sets of proteins to repair and sustain our DNA function as well as providing energy for our body vessels to operate.


Through your mitochondria within your cells, you will access the time capsule of your genetic maternal lineage, the key to unlock the ancestry of your feminine bloodlines. Through the liquid crystalline aqua blue light of Holy Mother, you will quantumly clear memory records of trauma, oppression and pain that may have had negative impacts upon the function of your mitochondria.


As the Mother principle returns once again to our beloved planet, we are healing our maternal bloodlines from the trauma, suppression and pain that has been experienced within the inverted matrix. This, along with changes to the magnetosphere and Earth core is supporting the absorption and accretion of more light and energy into the cellular tissues of our physical bodies, activating the embodiment of our spiritual layers at this time.


As the Holy Mother gateways are opening, the genetic union between Mother and child is activating a profound remembrance within the blueprint of humanity. 


Integration time may be required.


43:09 min


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Divine Feminine Healing / Mitochondria Clearing

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