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Through unresolved or incomplete relationship closure, especially with those we’ve experienced deep connection, strong emotional attachments and bonds can remain active, causing energy drainage and soul fragmentation.


When the etheric body remains entangled with others, imbalance and depletion may be experienced, causing difficulty maintaining a sense of empowered energetic sovereignty, neutrality, and present moment awareness. This may unconsciously pull our life force and awareness into past timelines of the source event, that continue to oscillate feelings of grief, guilt, resentment, and regret throughout our being.


This may result in sensations of confusion, doubt and uncertainty as these fields remain entangled and energetically open. Through the divine transmutational power of forgiveness, we set our intention to release these karmic chords that may have accumulated energetic build up within the lightbody layers. In strengthening personal sovereignty, our physical, emotional, mental and subtle bodies radiate the purity and divinity of our Source, aligning each individual to their highest organic ascension trajectory.


Integration time may be required.


31:57 min

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Integration time may be required.


Etheric Heart Repair / Cord Cutting

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