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In this meditation we focus upon the quantum aspect of our divine nature by activating and repairing our original diamond sun DNA- our 12 Stranded Organic Template.


Our DNA functions as multidimensional antennae, which is an interface, connecting us to our full multidimensional nature, whilst incarnated in form (embodiment).

In restoring and activating our crystalline DNA, we enable more organic light and universal intelligence to animate through our sacred vessels, supporting the realisation of our highest ascension timeline- our highest path of joy, prosperity, creativity, unconditional love and service of the divine will.


During the current ascension, our beloved elementals and the building blocks of our DNA are being liberated, restoring back to their crystalline eternal essence. This is currently being experienced through our physical bodies, as this transfiguration rapidly releases density from our carbon DNA. Held in the sacred fifth element of Ether, our human bodies and beloved planet are transforming, back into their crystalline silicate state.


Our session is purposed for the clearing and activation of all 12 Strands of DNA, restoring access to the 12 frequency fields of experience within this reality- our full potential within this time space matrix. We will be communicating with these organisational patterns of light, reclaiming our mechanism for ascension and consciousness freedom through our divine human hologram.


Specific DNA attunements:


- Resolving genetic discord or dissonance, inherited through bloodlines of family of origin

- Clearing phantom timelines, finite and artificial influence from organic template

- Dismantling fallen energetic patterns, intergenerational trauma and overlays

- Activation of dormant structures and codes

- Collapsing negative record and timelines of soul extensions

- Activation of genetic keys, higher sensory abilities and heart intelligence

- Unlocking Christos blueprint, your multidimensional gifts and rememnbrance of your true soul nature and soul purpose

- Connection to crystalline planetary grids



Integration time may be required




This is an audio mp3 file which is sent directly to your email upon purchase

12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA Activation

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