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Ascension Energy Report: February 2024

Beloved Soul,


Eternal cosmic love to you at this incredible time of ascension. May your heart feel endless waves of radiant love, a warm glow from within your luminous core. May each and every divine breath spiritualise all that you are. You are endlessly and fully loved. Thank you for all that you are.





Beginning on 9th February 2024, we entered a powerful and unprecedented window of spiritual initiation. Many of you would have been feeling this over the weekend with an array of internal energies emerging to be felt and witnessed by our higher-self perspective (the endless loving consciousness and divine self-awareness within our open, activated hearts).


As we continue to approach new thresholds of personal, collective and planetary awakening, we are being asked to lean backwards and surrender into the loving cosmic embrace that holds, caresses us and nurtures our heart, body, mind and soul. For many, this may feel like a huge cosmic push over-the-edge, as we free fall into the abyss of our own deep-seated fears, uncertainty and anxiety. The immense discomfort arising as we are faced with recognising our own separation wounding and unconscious beliefs.


At this time, the unconscious is becoming increasingly conscious.


Through this intensification, many may find themselves struggling with their ego’s sense of control, in attempting to secure a sense of personal identity- who we think or believe we are based on conditioning, trauma and programming. This is the amalgamation of beliefs and the heavy weight of our pain and unprocessed emotions. Feelings of victimisation, disempowerment, guilt and shame are polarised energies which cause us to experience soul fragmentation. This separation has sustained distorted lenses of our soul’s holographic projection which has been influencing our individuated and shared collective reality. In recent times, it is likely you have been seeing things differently. Your core values and outlook on the world has likely to have shifted to the point where reality is a stark contrast to what it used to be.


Through vibrational correspondence, our reality is an outward projection of our internal world.


Ultimately there is no good or bad; just experiences where we grow, learn and become more aware of ourselves and our inherent place in it all. It is vitally important at this time, to steer clear of polarisation- the “good and bad”, “right and wrong” function of our mind’s limited instrumentation to perceive. Something new is happening. We now are faced with our conscious choice- with heightened awareness, comes heightened responsibility. We are simultaneously in the experience, but not of it. As multi-dimensional souls, we have many viewing platforms and vantages of observation to be able to see clearer and in more detail. It’s the vast difference between someone standing at the foot of a mountain, and someone up at the summit- they are perceiving vastly different realities.

We are awakening to the embodiment of our own divine authority- no longer are we in the deep sleep we once were. We are shaking off the trance-like state we have been in for thousands of years and remembering our original spirit which animates and breathes life into us.


We are awakening, remembering, and committing to love as the fabric of all life and creation. Our criteria and motivation for creation must innocent, pure love. Our endeavours, service work and co-creations must be a devotional prayer to love’s manifestation here on Earth; calibrated and birthed through our sacred heart’s yearning for expanded consciousness for all life; for all beings. We are no longer only doing this just for ourselves. We are a unified consciousness. We are the shimmering tapestry of light weaving miracles into form.


It is our sovereign power to timeline jump into the highest, most expansive trajectory possible- as we divinely apply and direct our most precious creator life force.


If old creations, commitments and realities are fading away right now, this indicates the internal vibrational shifts you have been undergoing- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This has a rapid reorganisation effect of new possibilities available to you and through you- you are literally not the same person you were in recent times past; therefore the external manifestation will correspond.


As more and more life experience, initiations and soul growth compress into shorter time spans, our perception of time itself, is speeding up. 2023 flew by, and 2024 will be even faster… As we fluctuate within the galactic and zodiac energies throughout this year, we will eventually stabilise into smoother, more settled flow, which will make processing and integration a little easier on the system.


For the meantime, phasing in and out of expansion and contraction will continue to stretch and re-mould us into our highest living light expression. We are dropping density more than ever before as more ascension-encoded divine light absorbs into our being, registering as the love consciousness we know ourselves to be.

This is what we are made of.

The climate of 2024 is one of revelation.


The current solar storms and electro-magnetic shifts are stimulating disclosure activity, as the magnetosphere is under immense pressure at this time. All illusionary concepts and constructs within the collective mind are being revealed, shown to us in various angles of light. We are being shown what we previously did not have the capacity or willingness to see.



This manifests as the rapid dissolving of veils and thinning of membranes- even the membranes of specialisation between certain body parts- our body is communicating these new frequencies of unity within itself. We are sensing and truly feeling our wholeness more than ever before. This is so that at last we can see, sense and perceive with the crystalline clarity of our divine sensorial nature- as the universal soul witnessing itself through each and every one of us.


Sparked through heightened stellar activity of our solar system’s sun, X-CLASS flaring and coronal mass ejections are the bursts of love.


They are the brilliant rays of crystalline light which deliver packets of cosmic information through all layers and levels of our being, giving new instructions and directions for our divine blueprint to revive, reorganise and realign itself.


This is an uncoiling, releasing and relaxing back into the grace and eternal spirit of our innermost Source. This is the deep sigh of relief, as we are finally free to let go of all that is not ours to carry. This includes the negative association towards self, and the judgements, blame and criticism directed towards others. Blaming, criticising or judging another is density that we carry, and are the chains of our own binding. The arrows we shoot at another, shoot right back at us in covert and unpredictable ways. It is time to cease reinforcing separation. We must see through the eyes of our heart. Wishing well for others and sending genuine blessings of love, lightens the load of all involved. Be generous with forgiveness for this also liberates your own heart. Care deeply, but do not carry what is not yours to hold.



One of your heart’s super powers is its capacity to be neutral; to hold steady in the midst of great turmoil.


When in neutrality, you remain connected to the whole; it is your zero point from which spirals the eternal universal perspective.



We are returning through the cosmic order and orchestration of our organic, omniversal expression. This sacred birthright and crystalline template is already within you; perfectly intact, whole and healed. However, through trauma, we become overlayed and entangled to lower timelines by structures and energetics which obscure and block our true radiance from expressing itself.


Everything is vibration- frequency informs realities.


There is a divine micro-macro unfolding of the great mystery of our remembrance. The discharging of DNA-informing solar radiance is generating tremendous change and sacred mutation to our carbon and silicate DNA structures, as we are cosmically embraced in the unconditionally loving arms of the divine eternal realms of living creation.


Regardless of the immense challenges we have endured in the human journey, our internal stargate access and 12 Strand DNA is within us and always awaiting our next stage of soul witnessing. They are the crystal antenna, plugging us into prismatic spectrums of dimensional realms, expanding greater and greater bandwidths of wisdom and remembrance of the eternal self. This access is simultaneously gifted to us and is also the gift of our own giving through our sacred contribution of life itself. We are the universe, creating this for ourselves.


It is also our powerful feedback to the cosmic server; the zero point Source from which all things arise. Through us, the universe continues to learn about itself, growing, expanding and illuminating, stretching further and further into space, as the quantum tapestry grows. Our DNA are the spiralling threads of light unifying us within the full scope of this time space matrix. Originally seeded by the majestic dragon beings, the crystalline grid systems of our ascending planet, Gaia Sophia, is illuminating the fabric of our authentic nature and our relationship to it. We are remembering the common thread of our collective experience which is the vibration of love itself.

In addition to this, our mitochondrial DNA (passed down only from our maternal/mother line) connects us as our stellar navigational maps of light back to the great mother’s womb. It is her bountiful legacy of fertile creation- it is so all her divine children can play, laugh and explore her thriving garden of eden, always knowing their eternal relationship to her. All her seeds sown into her rich, black lava crystalline volcanic soil, remember their ancient origins and exquisitely bloom into their fullest knowing of self- like the seed becoming a rose.

Just as ancient civilizations sailed the great seas, guided by the starry night, we too are gifted with open pathways back to our Source. These are the shimmering co-ordinates of light within every cell of your body; guiding you back home. Back to your true belonging.

At this time, dormant structures and divine potentials are coming back online. This access is returning to us as we are blessed with the trinitized light and sound bath of the god world domains, gifting us with the correct conditions for our own process of remembering. This energy is saturating us with plasma streams of living, unified consciousness, which is seeping into every cell and light fibre of our divine being. Plasma as the ultimate conductor of quantum memory and information, is what we are actually made up of. We are 99.99% at the molecular level- we are watery, fluid beings, born of a water world (our mother’s amniotic womb) and eternally connected to the whole- this cosmic aether is in every part of your biological and spiritual makeup, no matter how nano or un-quantifiable by science those tiny particles may be (we are learning that everything will only get smaller and larger at the same time). You are holographic- you contain the whole as a fractal expression of creation’s divine artistry. Plasma is the medium for this visionary artwork to be miraculously birthed into existence.

We are all here as artists; as cosmic creators

The current heightened solar activity is supporting our recognising of who we are as reflected to us by the great cosmic mirror. The white diamond light of loving revelation. Our witnessing of ourselves up until this point has been but a slice of the true picture; a warped reflection causing us to believe ourselves as less than, not enough or separate in some way. Who we will be in the near future will be unrecognisable to many! We all such unique hearts and creative expression, in which we are here to fully offer in devotion to expanding, loving consciousness.

This is amplified and magnified at this time as we move further along our 2024 path of initiation; the completion not only of specific smaller cosmic cycles, but the completion of massive galactic cycles which is what we have been preparing for aeons of time. This is reason many of us are here right now. We are on a volunteer mission for an awakening humanity.

This future-ancient gnosis, is pulsing and coming online- the superluminal truth of who we are- the eternal, unbound potential of our heart’s igniting as one sacred, unified harmonic of The Holy Mother and Holy Father, The Christ-Sophia, which is the eternal, unconditional love of our Source.

I love you. You are loved. You are love itself.

May this transmission and energy update support you in the highest and most divinely aligned way as you continue on your sacred journey of remembrance.

With eternal grace and gratitude,


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